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The Pooch Pad was Corpus Christi's first premier pet resort. Our unique indoor design is completely cageless enhancing your pooch’s vacation experience. Nine Presidential Suites offer mounted flat screen televisions and furniture for the comfort of our guests. Each of our guests will enjoy overhead music playing throughout the day and soothing classical music in the evening along with comfortable bedding.

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"Outstanding customer service every time. Tried several places and my dogs were afraid to return. It's nice to know your fur baby will be                                    taken care of and in                               good hands. Thanks                                     for everything  yall do!!                            Highly recommend!"                                              - Kendrick Hoskins


The Pooch Pad offers services brand new to the Corpus Christi area. Aside from short and long term boarding, we offer salon style baths, Pooch Lounge, a boutique and a Pooch Wash


Tours Are Available Monday - Friday